About us

Dayah Drilling Inc was founded by a group of Somali Diaspora and has been serving the deep water drilling services in Somalia since late 2004. Dayah Drilling Inc is dedicated company of trained and experienced professional water well drillers, and water treatment personnel. Our services revolve around people, ground water, and drilling into the earth. Our commitment to safety, the environment and healthy management systems is fundamental to the successful execution of our drilling operation. Dayah Drilling Inc specializes in water well drilling and has had over six years of success in locating and drilling for underground water in Somalia. Dayah Drilling Inc offers an efficient and competitively priced service from finding underground supplies of water, drilling wells and installing pumps systems. We provide a complete service from well drilling, rehabilitation through pump installations. Our Eight years of well drilling service proves our reputation which has been built on trust, honesty, integrity, experience, and the fact that “Customer Satisfaction” is, and always will be, our #1 Priority. This is our commitment to our respected customers!